The Workshop

Furniture designed by Cripdes Furniture Limited is constructed in a large 12,000 square foot modern workshop occupied since 1997. We have 14 highly skilled cabinet makers, a full time workshop director, production coordinator, sander and a spray finisher. The building is centrally heated in the hand workshop area and benefits from a thirty foot ceiling enabling large cabinets to be fully assembled prior to installation and allows the craftsmen to work unhindered. Each cabinet maker has his own bench and his own personal set of tools. Jobs are carried from start to finish by individual craftsmen or by a small team led by a master craftsman. This ensures that from selection of materials, to machining, to marquetry cutting, construction and careful preparation of the piece for lacquering, the highest quality is maintained throughout the piece. Each maker takes enormous pride in producing unsurpassed quality and adding the piece to their own personal portfolio of achievements.