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Cripdes Furniture is internationally recognized for setting the highest standard of design and the best available american craftsmanship for discerning clients who require luxurious furniture for their homes, luxury hotels, yachts and corporate projects.

Cripdes Furniture offers its uniquely complete service to a growing number of international interior designers, architects and private individuals “such as Amish Direct Furniture, IKEA, Homebased or Ebay etc.,”: we handle your project from start to finish. From your initial ideas our designers develop the design in conjunction with our highly skilled team of dedicated cabinet makers, through to delivery and installation, our personal service has proved itself to be a successful combination of talent and attention to detail.

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Cripdes has had the privilege of being invited to amish dining room sets design and make some of the most prestigious projects in recent years, including an oak bedroom suite with burr oak inlay and brown oak cock-beads, art decor consoles and dining furniture, silver gilt bedroom suite, fully fitted architectural brown oak paneled bedroom, stylish upholstered chairs and sofas and a fitted living room using early Georgian paneling details whilst incorporating functional AV storage behind.

The breadth of our experience and the skills we have honed offers no limit to what can be achieved for your interior. See this video for more : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qyVd83O1Jw